The Story of the Bed and Breakfast Blog

A few years ago, there lived a small blogging community that used to frequent the “Bed and Breakfast” for some ‘wine and whine’. They were a jolly bunch of people, who used to talk about everything from blogs to God, from memories to footholds, from academics to work, from laughter to tears.

However, changing trends and maintenance trouble soon caused all blogging activity to cease altogether. ‘Twas a shame, for in those days when all was fine… everyone really did have a good time. The cobwebs of dormancy grew thicker, even as good natured visitors continued to frequent the defunct space, looking for the slightest hint of blog-tivity.

And then one day (much like the way Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that began operation again quite out of the blue), there was a flurry of activity………

and that is how the *New and Improved* Bed and Breakfast came to be!

*Raising her glass* Here’s to good times, and old friends. Actually… make that… good ol’ times, and good ol’ friends. Drink up, me lads and lassies.


7 responses to “The Story of the Bed and Breakfast Blog

  1. Am glad you have woken up. Some of us bloggers still meet about once a month and we have all these tweetups. we could use some more company.

  2. Nice to see you are back into the blog world!

  3. *clink*

    This is so good. Welcome back, 5.

    Now pour me another one 😉

    • *pouring u one more* Thanks, doc 🙂 u were always one of my biggest fans, and it feels good to have the old gumbal back on board again. those were really, really happy days 🙂 u have to let me know when u get bk to writing too!

      some more, doc?


  4. Good to know that there are people interested in the rich art of poetry and the wonderful language of my country. Cheers for your wonderful blog. Even I’m a published poet. You can catch glimpse of some of my works here-

    Keep Walking!!

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