Memories of a Childhood

Alas, I fell of the #Scintilla13 wagon! The Scintilla Project prompt for Day 10 that inspired my story is “Write about spending time with a baby or child under the age of two. The challenge: if you’re a parent, do not talk about your own child.” 


Kids also happen to do the darndest things. Likemy youngest niece, all of two years and four months, nearly jumped for joy when her mom brought her a plate of dessert at the end of our meal at Avenue Regent in Ernakulam. “Hhhaaiiii”, she yelped when she saw the sweets being brought for her, and proceeded to stare in absolute delight at the goodies for a whole three minutes… before we had to prompt her to eat them.

I guess this is probably what they meant by “feast for the eyes”. LOL.

I still remember what most of that afternoon looked like, left preserved in my memory around the expression of this child’s pure happiness brought on by the sights and smells of all things decadent.

I remember how, back at my aunt’s house, she strolled through the dining room, a wooden flute in hand, with which she whacked my dad on the leg and then threw it away and pretended nothing happened with a two-year-old’s version of la la la la

I remember how the first thing she did when her family moved to our city was run away with my toothbrush like I could never catch up with her.

I remember photographing her so much and never growing tired of it.

I remember her grumpy days when she didn’t want to look any of us in the eye.

I remember her utterly cute disrespect for structure and hierarchy, and I also remember reciting the story of it for months afterward.

I remember her growing and adjusting, and being such a beautiful child, in every sense of the word.

I remember her painfully sad expression at the airport saying goodbye to us after the family decided to move to another city. At that moment, I remember most of all my broken heart as I wondered if she would ever think of us as fondly as we thought of her, and it still aches to think of all the things that may mean I don’t see her again for a long time to come. I really miss her.


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