The Importance of Being Ear-nested.

One week into the new year, and the only thing that seems blogworthy to me this week is the latest fashion fad in Chennai that is catching on like a forest on fire.


That’s right, a cold wave appears to have  hit Chennai, sending temperatures to as low as 20 degrees Centigrade, prompting Chennaiites to prepare in advance for the ‘winter’ (to be read with a generous dollop of sarcasm). Of course, the weather at 22 degrees is simply teeth-chatteringly chilly in Chennai. Young and old alike, on their bicycles or two wheelers in the early morning, gracefully poised against the cold Madras morning gale, sport the new rage – the Chennai Earmuffs. An item of haute couture I must add. With a pattern that could pass off as leopard-print, these are also available in some pretty trendy colors, to match perfectly with or stand out against your veshti/sari, or maybe even your sweater/jacket. One can’t be too careful about the winter, after all. You know what they say – better to safe than sorry.

If you’d like to catch a glimse of what’s doing the rounds around Namma Chennai, stroll along the wind prone zones like Besant Nagar, Santhome and Marina early in the morning, or well into the evening. Or keep an eye out while in traffic. And if you’re convinced, you might want to purchase a pair for yourself, they seem to be selling quite well along the beach.

It’s interesting to note that a drop in the ambient temperature has left us Chennaiites rather handicapped. You can’t blame us, can you? We were, after all, in the process of evolving a thinner layer of skin to beat the heat (thickened only at points to beat the autorickshaw wallas). Pity though, that we’re still wet.. er.. cold behind the ears.

Happy New Year, y’all!


6 responses to “The Importance of Being Ear-nested.

  1. I think you missed seeing people who wore that in the afternoons !!
    The autorickshaw matter was funny.

    cheers !!

  2. Heh. I’ve been seeing this phenomenon too. Haven’t clicked a pic. 😛

  3. came here via a friend – interesting reading some of the posts on the blog. earmuffs are a rage all over TN, and in various colors too.

    You seem to have studied in ahmedabad and the picture looks like its from NID? true – ?

    • thanks for dropping by!

      i did study in Ahmedabad… was there between 05 and 08 doing my masters at CEPT. the pic u see is of the South Lawns which we could gaze upon from our studios everyday. Were you also in Ahmdbd?

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