Till Death Do Us Part…

It appears that some people literally do live and die in the public eye.

Jade Goody probably wanted a shortcut to fame when she appeared on the British reality show Big Brother in 2002. Well, isn’t that what people want from starring in a reality show? Only her string of TV appearances made her more infamous than famous, as she probably defined being a ‘badass’ as a means to make a living. Well, a lot of reality stars have done that, I guess. Remember Omarosa, of The Apprentice fame?

After the argument on Celebrity Big Brother with Shilpa Shetty that went all wrong, life for Goody must have been difficult in the public eye… or should I say public scorn! Well, like it or not, Jade Goody is in the news again, and this time not for the wrong reasons. Her being diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer certainly seems to have reversed public opinion about her, as even celebrities and other public figures have called in to express their sympathy and send in goodwill messages.

Cancer is a terrible thing to happen to a person. The emotional trauma is a personal journey that the afflicted person and his/her family go through. The media coverage of her terminal illness has been so extensive, it has reduced the seriousness of her condition to a real-life widely-telecasted soap-opera. The news of her viewing her last sunset and drinking her last coke are in the international papers, for crying out loud! What a distortion of the human appreciation for life.

I sympathize with the woman for what she must be going through as a human being battling terminal illness. However, I cannot help but feel disgusted at the whole “Jade Goody” thing. I wonder if in her last moments she looks back to think of her life and how fulfilling it must have been. Perhaps she does. After all, it certainly must be quite an honor to be a hot item in the news amidst other hot topics like crime, economy and the financial crisis!


2 responses to “Till Death Do Us Part…

  1. judging by the medical aftershock of Goody’s passing, it sounds like she might have inadvertently made a long-term difference for cancer prevention in the U.K.

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