I still remember how it all started. Bakri and a few of her classmates, in search of a bathroom, were carrying their buckets and walking down the stairs to the floor we were standing on. We were the seniors, and they were the juniors… and things were only just beginning to warm up between us.

We all flashed smiles at each other and Q called them over to talk. Bakri looked at me and said, “Ae moti….“. Of course, not in a menacing way, but in a more friendly way… perhaps as a term of endearment..?

I looked back at her, and without thinking asked, “Moti Kaun?

Bakri did a mini double-take and squealed out loud, “Moti main!!” to which we all burst into peals of laughter.

After that, it became our little joke. Years later, Bakri told me of how frightened she was, never expecting me to question her in any sort of way. I found it really amusing… as, in truth, I wasn’t even trying to intimidate her.

A few days ago, I happened to be going through an old post about old friends and then had a sudden urge to do this:

Google Talk at 12:19 AM

still busy?

bakri: why?
I am
will be for the next 2 days

me: ok just wanted to ask u something πŸ˜€
moti kaun????? πŸ˜‰

bakri: moti tu :P:P:P:P
I’m not scared of you hahahahah

me: abbey teri…

bakri: you are nowhere near me πŸ˜›



2 responses to “Squeal!

  1. :)) reading this brought a smile on my face…oh those good ol’ days..

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