Welcome to Sajjanpur

Finally! A movie with the pleasure of simplicity in script, and just when we need it.

Welcome to Sajjanpur is, as I have already mentioned, a simple and neat narration of the story of a letter-writer in a village called (no prizes for guessing) Sajjanpur in Central India. The story documents his dreams, passions, ambitions along with detailing his daily interaction with the people of this quaint little town.

Though personally I found the ending a little tacky for Shyam Benegal’s standards, I think the entire movie ran quite smoothly (they could’ve maybe done away with a song or two), and Shreyas Talpade has outdone himself again. As a result, I’ve brought him up a few notches on my favorite actor list. Amrita Rao… well, in my opinion her performance didn’t really ‘move’ me much, I think she certainly seems to have made the effort. And as always, looks lovely as ever.

My favorites were Ila Arun and, playing her ‘manglik’ daughter, Divya Dutta… and our special appearance mystery person (go on! Watch the movie, I’m not going to tell you who it is). But that really is unfair. I think everybody did a good job at the end of the day.

The bottom line is: the simple story about simple people is… simply superb!


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