Madras Bashai

The nuances of the language that is Tanglish never fails to amuse me. Perhaps it is because I spent the majority of my college education in the heart of Chennai, right in the midst of the Chennaites. Towards the end of college days, I had pretty much picked up the most common – ‘waste’, ‘loosu’, ‘sooooperrr’, ‘bestu’. Some terms just grew on me like second skin (eg. ‘machaaaaaaaaaan’, ‘what da?’, et al).

It’s been three years since I left Chennai, and I think I’ve left behind a major portion of my Tanglish vocab. Even though I can’t string the words together like I used to, I still pepper the conversation with the essentials of the Tamil colloquiallism. *Sigh* I miss the days of the free Tam tongue.

This, however, refreshed my memory and brought the good times back for a while. I think Madras Bashai simply rocks!

Do check it out if you have something to do with Chennai or Tanglish. My personal favorite is “Gandhikkanakku”. HILARIOUS!!


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