A Fitting End… for New Beginnings.

Ever had a bad year?

I’ve had one.

It was 2007.

On retrospect though, it was a good thing… because I like the ‘me’ who welcomed 2008 more than the ‘me’ exactly one year before this. However, I can’t say all of 2007 was bad. Now that would be unfair. Of the other small things, meeting Ree was a good thing. On second thoughts….. being her flatmate was one of the best things that happened to me in the last 365 days. I was on my way to being the better ‘me’ when I met her, and her just being at home, at the end of the tiring day to yap away with was more than I could ask for. I’ve gotten so used to her being a part of the house I live in… for the first time in the 7 years away from folks I was living at ‘home’. She’s tolerated my lazy ways around my room and clumsy ways around the kitchen well. But there is so much that I have learnt from her, and much more that I am yet to learn.

And now… she’s getting married and soon will be off to lead the life that I’m sure she’s looking forward too.

I guess some people come into your lives for the shortest time possible to teach you the lessons that last the longest.

Cheers, Ree… to your happily ever after.


4 responses to “A Fitting End… for New Beginnings.

  1. Great blog will read more when I have time! xx

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