… thanks for all the fish.

Back in college in Chennai, Venks was known as the ‘water tanker’. It didn’t take much for her to burst into tears while watching a movie even as we were barely halfway through an emotional scene. More often than not we’d turn to our side to witness her spurts of sobbing, which always turned out to be a better entertainer than what we’d have paid for to watch.

But I shall refrain from being the pot who calls the kettle black, for I am guilty of having sobbed at the movies myself. Most of the Malayalam movies that I’ve watched have been real tearjerkers (the latest one was Kazhcha), and I also remember choking on some scenes of Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa years ago.

However, self-introspection reveals that when I watched those movies, my heart went out to the characters who, though very realistic and well-portrayed, had little to do with me or the things that I identify with in my life. Yes, they did make me (or us, as the case may be) sit up and take notice… or sit back and think; however, the point remains that the movies dealt with issues that I hardly would have to deal with in my day to day life… and that is exactly where Taare Zameen Par is different from the rest of the tearjerker genre. I cried through the movie – I knew I would – and how! But I cried not just for Ishaan and his troubles… I cried for me too.

No, I’m not saying that I’ve ever been dyslexic. What I’m trying to say is that TZP is not just about children, parents and dyslexia. It’s for all of us with an Ishaan within us that have had the good fortune of meeting our Nikumbh’s at some point of time in out lives.. or who live in the hope of meeting our Nikumbh.

To all the Ram Shankar Nikumbh’s of my life so far… this post is my salutation to you. Thanks for believing.


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