Here’s the excuse for not having updated the blog for so long: I’m taking a break.

A break from the grind that started on the 26th of July and is slowly inching it’s way to completion on the 9th of September. However, I’m not one to complain about time flying. Especially not when I’ve had the best time of my life in years now, just catching up with family and friends.. and of course, re-visiting visited places, looking at the same old things through a different eye.


In the course of the last few days, I have been a bride’s best friend, long lost bungling classmate, the kiddie’s fave aunt, the cousins’ fun ‘kachin’… and currently I’m coming to terms with home being away from ‘home’, if you know what I mean. And in case you don’t… fear not, for I shall describe the feeling in a rather elaborate post the next time. For now, however, I leave you with an anecdotal post.

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Brother-in-law (in the heat of a rather troubled moment): ….There is so much tension to deal with!
Nephew (with a puzzled look on his face): Um… what is tension….?

What peaceful lives kids must lead!

My neice (to me): Are you coming out with us?
Me: Hmm… no, I don’t think so.
My neice: Do you want us to bring you something?
Me: Oh no, that’s quite alright.
My neice: Do you want some money….?
Me: Money…? Why would I need you to give me money?
(She then goes to great lengths to explain to me that her granny is going out to get some money from the bank)
Me: Okay, so why would I need her money?
My neice (after heavy contemplation): But how can it be amumma’s (granny’s) money if she’s taking it from the bank…..?

Sigh, if only money were for free that way 🙂

Kids also happen to do the darndest things. Like my youngest neice, all of two years and four months, nearly jumped for joy when her mom brought her a plate of dessert at the end of our meal at Avenue Regent in Ernakulam. “Hhhaaiiii”, she yelped when she saw the sweets being brought for her, and proceeded to stare in absolute delight at the goodies for a whole three minutes.. before we had to prompt her to eat them.

I guess this is probably what they meant by “feast for the eyes”. LOL.


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